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Proforma Safety Honored by ConocoPhillips with Two Safety Ambassador Awards

Two safety consultants of Proforma Safety International have been recognized by ConocoPhillips for their outstanding contribution to safety with ConocoPhillips Upstream Safety Ambassador awards.

Proforma Safety’s Raymond Gonzalez and Jeff McClenny were recognized for their safety leadership and for taking personal ownership to drive improved safety performance. Both safety consultants worked on the Peregrine Falcon 3D program, the largest land program in ConocoPhillips history, including the heritage companies. The project experienced zero recordable and zero lost time injuries. Nearly 500,000 man-hours were worked without incident. Both award recipients received letters of commendation and plaques from the senior vice president of ConocoPhillips Exploration and Business Development.

Prior to the Peregrine Falcon project, Gonzalez and McClenny worked on ConocoPhillip’s Tier IV and Barnett 3D programs, which also were completed successfully, achieving the safety goal of zero. They provided safety oversight for night operations on the Wyoming NEES3D program and completed the project without a recordable incident. Gonzalez also completed a second phase of the NEES3D program, assisting with the trashing completion at the end of the job with no recordable incidents.

In October 2011, McClenny was invited to participate as panel speaker in the ConocoPhillips Upstream HSE Summit with approximately 3,000 participants conferring on best practices for building a safety culture, risk tolerance, safe behaviors, hazard recognition and planning, process and contractor safety.

Jimmy Taylor, another Proforma Safety consultant, had also worked on the Peregrine Falcon project, but had moved on to another project before the review process for the award began.

“This is the type of performance that Proforma Safety consultants deliver on every job, every day, for every client,” said Proforma Safety President Scott Arnold. “Our team shows its passion for keeping both client and contractor personnel safe, and our outstanding safety track records across multiple projects are proof of this.

“We are very proud to have a team that’s so committed to making Proforma Safety a best in class HSE consulting company and grateful for all they do to grow our reputation,” he concluded. “We truly have the most experienced and dedicated team in our industry. “

CEO Mike Arnold Sees Positive Change Toward Increased HSE Oversight

On January 3, 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that while the current administration lifted the ban in October, it hasn’t issued any permits for new deep water oil wells. This delay, reported WSJ, “has hurt both the oil industry, which has seen billions of dollars in projects put on hold, and the Gulf Coast’s economy, which has been hit hard by the slowdown.”

However Mike Arnold, Chief Executive Officer of Proforma Safety International, believes the unwarranted and unecessary pause in drilling and production operations — coupled with the U.S. Government’s further involvement in regulating oil and gas production in the United States — will reinforce the focus on safety.

“Among the oil and gas operators and their contractors,” said Arnold, “we’re seeing safety being moved to the forefront of every operation, and more than ever, placed ahead of both scheduling and profit.  

“The oil industry has progressed over the years to be one of the safest industries operating anywhere in the world,” he continued. “But because of the BP/Transocean incident last year being magnified by the news media and expanded on by the special interest groups in Washington,  our industry is being portrayed as unsafe and in need of a complete overhaul.  

“This is surely not the case,” he concluded. “It’s a stigma we can easily overcome by continuing to enforce existing HSE policies and procedures while improving how management incorporates safety into their plans, operations and daily activities.”

Proforma Safety Expands Services to Battelle, AEP

Battelle has expanded the scope of Proforma Safety’s HSE oversight services to include new carbon sequestration wells at American Electric Power’s (AEP) Mountaineer facility in West Virginia. In 2011,  Proforma Safety will begin HSE oversight of operations in Michigan where Battelle will be involved in CO2 sequestration projects funded by the Department of Energy and energy companies.

Proforma Safety Signs Master Service Agreement with Aker Solutions

Proforma Safety International today announced it has signed a Master Service Agreement with Aker Solutions Subsea, a subsidiary of Aker Marine. Proforma Safety will provide HSE personnel for Aker vessels in its worldwide operations.

Scott Arnold, president of Proforma Safety, says this represents an important step for both Aker and Proforma Safety. 

“Our HSE personnel have been on board many of Aker’s vessels representing our clients,” Arnold explained. “Based on our performance, the relationship grew and evolved into this service agreement.”

Arnold commended Aker’s commitment to safety. “Aker has always been proactive when it comes to safety, which has helped us achieve best in class HSE performance,” he continued. “Now we will be working as a extension of their HSE group. We are very excited about this relationship and see it as a longterm win for both companies.”

Aker Solutions is part of Aker (, a group of premier companies with a focus on energy, maritime and marine resources industries.

Proforma Selected by Battelle to Oversee Safety for Carbon Sequestration Projects

As of July 16, 2010, Proforma Safety International has been awarded three projects by Battelle Memorial Institute that are part of its clean coal initiative using its proprietary CO2 sequestration technology. Proforma will be developing the HSE plans and providing oversight for the drilling program. These projects are located in West Virginia, Michigan and Illinois.